Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Annoucing Boardroom Couple in Beta

Boardroom Couple

I am very happy to announce the Beta launch of Boardroom Couple.  For the past few months my husband, Leonard, and I have been working on building a website to support couples who are in business together.  We have been working together for almost five years now and feel that going into business with your spouse can be a successful yet often overlooked option for many couples.

The new website will provide resources to improve the conference table to dinner table relationship of these couples.  These resources will help those considering going into business with their spouse and those who already work with their spouse.  To start, Leonard is getting close to completing a unique online course that will help anyone to How to Build a Website.   If you have noticed the new design of this site it is because the site will also combine my work here into a new feature called The Dinner Table that will focus on helping entrepreneurial couples eat healthy, organic meals despite the busy life of a entrepreneur.

Please have a look around the website.  We welcome any feedback you would like to provide!

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