Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Maple Creek Farm Share ~ Week 13

The weather was already telling me that fall was here and today's share proved it. We got our first acorn and butternut squash.

The basil smelled wonderful and smelled up the whole porch at our pickup site! I already made some yummy pesto out of it.

Everything else looks absolutely fabulously fresh (how's that for too many adjectives) and I can't wait to cook with it this week!


Marj said...

Could you send me your Pesto recipe? Great-looking Share. What is the celery-looking Veg. in the upper left? BTW, we are still enjoying those sweet Italian Red/Green peppers I mentioned Sunday. Today I stir-fried them with Vidalia Onions and Basil--Yum.
Love the Fall squashes!

aMichiganMom said...

I would be happy to send you the pesto recipe....if I had one. I usually just throw whatever basil I have laying around in the food processor. Traditional pesto has pine nuts in it, but I used pumpkins seeds. Then I added some Parmesan cheese, garlic and gave it a whirl while I added in some Olive Oil. Then I salted to taste. Wish I could give you more details!!!

The thing in the upper corner is Bok Choy. It is really good raw or sometimes I saute it with some mushrooms for a side dish. Also very good!

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