Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maple Creek Farm Share ~ Week 6

This week we got:

Lettuce: Will use for salads during the week.

Tomatoes: Will eat on our salads or give to the kids for a snack during the week.  I always ask them if they want it cut up like a "farmers market sample" which means I chop it up and give them toothpicks to eat it with.

Potatoes: Yum!  These were good I slow roasted them in my mini-slow cooker.  Had a few leftover that I will put in the kid's eggs in the morning.

Green Beans: Will use as a side veggie for dinner.  This Peanut Butter Green Bean Recipe is a fun side dish that is pretty kid-friendly that I have made in the past.

Broccoli:  Will use as a side veggie for dinner.  I usually just steam them.

Green Peppers:  Not sure what I am going to do with these, the black bean soup recipe from How to Eat Supper is AMAZING and calls for green peppers, I might chop them up and freeze them for use with the recipe over winter.

Onions: I put them in my storage bin and will use them through the week for cooking as needed.  I just bought some of these vegetable keepers from that are in the mail.  I can't wait to get them and hang them up in my kitchen to store my garlic, onions, and potatoes in!

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