Friday, June 25, 2010

Pick Your Own Lavender, The Yule Love it Lavender Farm

Lavender Farm

Today we spent thing morning at the VERY lovely Yule Love it Lavender Farm in Leonard, Michigan.  It is a wonderful place to visit.  We went there because my daughter loves to pick flowers and I thought it would be fun for her to go someplace where the entire purpose was to pick flowers.  I also happen to love lavender.  She had fun, but was probably a bit too young to pick lavender because we had to be specific about which stems we picked (they had to be flowering and we had to cut in between the first and second set of leaves), but we all still really enjoyed it because she could do other things like carry the stems we picked and put them into the basket.

Picking Lavender in Michigan

After picking the lavender we sat down for some amazing lavender ice cream.  We each had a bowl and it was superb!  I am plan on trying to make some in the future.

Lavender Menu

Then the kids headed over to a little play area that was set up close to the pavilion that had a child-sized clothesline, a sandbox and a small tractor.  They had a blast "washing" and "drying" the handkerchiefs they had there and playing in the sand.

a Play area for children

A Clothesline for Kids to Play With

We didn't participate, but they also offer an afternoon tea that looked really nice, but I think we will save that activity for when my children are older and can appreciate it more.

Here are some additional pictures from our trip today:

Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields

The Lavender We Picked

All Set up for Lavender Tea

A Lovely Lavender Tea

Lavender Drying

Lavender Sweets & Savories

AWESOME chairs!


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Really neat. I have ots of lavender growing in my tiny little yard.

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