Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maple Creek Farm Share ~ Week 2

We got tomatoes, LOTS of lettuce (good thing we like salads), some garlic scapes, some onions, and some garlic.

I used a clove of the garlic in a salad dressing I made this evening for dinner, it was very good!

Thinking I will make some salsa with the tomatoes and green onions. I have some cilantro growing in my garden that will be nice in the fresh salsa. The tomato was very good. We had one in our salad this evening.

We will use the lettuce up in our daily lunch salads, and probably have some salads with dinner this week too.

I think I will try making some garlic scape pesto with the garlic scapes this week. Probably won't use it right away, but will freeze some for use later in the year.


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