Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maple Creek Farm Share ~ Week 1

Yeah! My kids have been out of school for a couple of weeks now, but it hasn't really felt like summer until today, when I picked up my first Maple Creek Farm share.

Lots of lettuce for our lunchtime salads, some Kale that I will probably make some Kale chips out of, purple onions, Garlic scapes that I will use to make the white bean dip from the New York Times, and some radishes, which of all the things we get in our share is the hardest for me to use, because they really aren't my favorite....but we'll eat them just the same :-)

So happy that my share has started and so has summer.


Tricia said...

What did you dip into the bean dip?

Tricia (from MLFB)

aMichiganMom said...

We actually put it on our sandwiches as a was good like that. It is a good bean dip, but not great. Actually now that I tried the garlic scape pesto, I think I will be making (and freezing) that with my garlic scapes. It was so good and versatile.

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