Thursday, June 17, 2010

Maltese Tuna Sandwiches

Tuna & Lettuce

My husband grew up in Malta and introduced me to a whole new world of tuna sandwiches when we first started dating.  His tuna sandwich didn't have a lick of mayonnaise anywhere in sight, instead it had Olive Oil in it, and when he first told me about it I'll admit my response was "that's gross."  But that was a long time ago, and now I couldn't imagine a tuna sandwich made any other way.

I have been avoiding tuna fish for the past six years because of the mercury.  But then I read this article about how the selenium in fish protects us from the mercury, and decided it was time to introduce tuna back into our lives.  So tonight we had tuna sandwiches...on white bread, a real treat!  My son looked at his sandwich and said "wow, I like the color of this bread." :-)

So here is how you do it, nothing too fancy and I think next time I would add a little more basil and mint.  I was a little out of practice after not making them for so long.

1.) Get out some olive oil, fresh basil, fresh mint, capers, and onions (pickled onions are REALLY good in this if you happen to have some on hand)
Ingredients Going into Tuna Mixture

2. Chop up everything and mix it up with your tuna.  Add some salt & pepper too.
Tuna Mixture

3. Put some tomato paste, olive oil, and pepper on each slice of your bread.
Bread Topping for Tuna Sandwich

4. Put the tuna on top of the bread.
Tuna Sandwich in the Making

5. Complete the sandwich for one amazing sandwich.  In case you were wondering, the lettuce isn't bad, it is a variety of Romaine called "freckles" that we got in our share this week.
Maltese Tuna Sandwich

......Sooo good with these Bubbies pickles.
Bubbies Pickles...Mmmm


Suzanne said...

As a Maltese living in Malta it was fun reading your post about one of our favourite traditional snacks. I’m really glad your family enjoyed the hobz biz-zejt. This is a very healthy snack which can be made healthier by rubbing fresh tomato on the bread instead of tomato paste (which is a bit salty) and by adding butter beans. You can also add some olives; but rinse first if packed in brine.

The best hobz biz-zejt is made using local Maltese bread which has an open / holey dough texture; but if you find a crusty bun at your local grocery store or perhaps an Italian bakery this can also work well.

I can send you a photo of what I mean to post on your blog.

If you wish, I can also link to your post from my blog: The Malteaser – Suzanne Piscopo’s blog

L-ikla t-tajba (Have a good meal).


aMichiganMom said...

Thanks for your comment Suzanne. I LOVE the Maltese bread. I uploaded some pictures I took of a Maltese Bakery that I took on a 2002 visit to Malta here: I have had the tomato smeared on the bread and the butter beans with the hobz biz-zejt, both are very good! Sure, it would be great if you could link to my post. Thanks again for the comment!

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