Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Cook Steel Cut Oats in a Rice Cooker

The video below is part of a longer segment I recored about my Sanyo Rice Cooker, and shows how I use my rice cooker to make steel cut oats for my family VERY easily.  Scroll below the video to see a text description.

My husband got me this rice cooker for Christmas last year, but we always joke it was like he bought the gift for himself because he enjoys the steel cut oats so much.

What is awesome about this rice cooker is that you put your oats in the night before, set the timer, and when you wake up your oats are hot and ready to go.  Talk about fast food!  The "keep warm" function will keep your oats at a perfect temperature throughout the morning so each family member can scoop our their portion and eat it warm whenever they want.

To make the steel cut oats in the rice cooker, you will have to use the "Porridge" function.  I fill the measuring cup that comes with the rice cooker with oats so it is level with the top.  Then I pour the water to the 1 line on the porridge column.  Press the menu button until it gets to the porridge setting, press the "timer" button and then "start".  That is all it takes to make your oats for the next morning.

Look for my full review of the Sanyo Rice Cooker shortly!

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