Monday, April 19, 2010

My Favorite Things: Canning Jars

Canning Jars

Why I LOVE Canning Jars:

  • They are made of glass so I don't have to worry about storing my food in toxic plastic.
  • They are cheap so I don't care if I break one (although I haven't broken one yet).
  • The lids are easy to store and interchangeable so I can always find one.
  • They come in a variety of sizes and the smaller ones nest inside the larger ones for easy storage.
  • They easily stack in my lunch bag.
  • They fit perfectly in the dishwasher top rack.
  • I can store so many things in them: prepared soups, food prep, yogurt, dried beans, bulk spices and mixes, craft supplies, you get the picture.

Try some you'll love them too!


Ann said...

I too like my spices stores in jars! they make my counter looks even elegant:P

aMichiganMom said...

I know!! I do think my cupboard looks a little "Martha" when my jars are filled with dried beans and spices!

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