Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grape Tomato Scrambled Eggs Recipe

One of my current favorite things to have for breakfast is Grape Tomato Scrambled Eggs.  These work with any type of tomato, but I find that I often use grape tomatoes because I usually have some in the fridge that are looking a little wrinkly.

1.) Put your burner on Medium High (closer to medium), put in some butter, and heat up your pan.  When the pan is hot, throw in your tomatoes and lightly salt them.

2.) As they heat up and cook, use the back of your spatula to put them down gently so they let out their juice.

3.) Turn the heat down to medium low (closer to medium).  Add 5 eggs that have been mixed together into the pan.  Cook the eggs slowly, string as they cook.

4.) Yum!  I like to top it with a few hits of Frank's hot sauce and a side of Arugula salad with raw Parmesan for a tasty and filling morning breakfast.

- Serves 2


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