Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Crinkle Cutter Review

If you know me, you know I LOVE kitchen gadgets; and I just tried out a new one that is great, the OXO crinkle cutter.  I bought it because I thought it would be fun to slice up the kids veggies in a fun way.  I always maintain if food manufacturers can market their foods by slicing and dicing it to look appealing, so can I!

I bought the crinkle cutter to make wavy carrots, but once I got it and saw the package directions, I realized I could also waffle cut things like potatoes.  We don't eat a lot of potatoes in our house, but if we are going to have fries, I will make them myself with this fun tool!

btw...I bought the Crinkle Cutter on Amazon because they have an awesome 4-for-3 deals on a lot of their kitchen gadgets .  Buy four of their gadgets, but only pay for three.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! professional looking fries and veggies.

Nicole said...

your right, that looks awesome! i may have to look in to getting one of those, thanks for the idea!

rental mobil said...

wow. amazing
i think you are a truly chef

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