Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cooking Whole Foods Fast: Mise en Place

Mise en Place

Today I am introducing a new series on aMichiganMom: Cooking Whole Foods Fast.  A series that will focus on different tips and techniques for cooking real, whole foods fast.  You can find all the posts under the tag Whole Foods Fast.

First tip, dinner.  I get home at 5PM from work and we like to eat at 6PM.  I also like to try and rest for 15 mins while the kids was Caillou.  So I usually have about 30-40 mins to prepare dinner.  With a little preparation I can easily make a fast whole foods dinner in this time, or less.  How?  Mise en place.  I try to prep the ingredients the night before.  For example, Tuesday we were having the quick noodle stir-fry from the Steamy Kitchen Cookbook.  So Monday night as I was cleaning up dinner, I chopped up all the veggies for Tuesday's stir-fry, layered them in the order I needed to add them, mixed the ingredients for the sauce, and put it all in a container.  So Tuesday night, all I had to do was boil the noodles and fry up the already cut veggies.  The dish was excellent (it was the first time I made it), and it was ready in just 10 mins.  I used two pans, but I could have easily made it a meal with a one-pot clean up by draining the noodles and stir-frying everything in the pan the noodles had cooked in, while the noodles were in the colander.

Do you have a Cooking Whole Foods Fast tip for the new series?  Email me at with your tip (and ideally a picture) for consideration.


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