Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Fun & Healthy Wintertime Snack for Kids

Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Snack

My kids were recently inspiried by an activity they saw on Curious George.  In the little activity section of the show after the cartoon they had kids freezing food in blocks of ice and then melting it (Sid the Science Kid has a very similar activity, choose the "Change Caused by Cold" video).

So we decided to do the same thing, except to make it a little more fun, we put them in freezer-safe pyrex containers and put them outside, covered.  Then the next day after dinner we brought them inside and put them one-by-one into the big bowl pictured above, pouring warm water over them to loose the fruit and veggies (we used oranges, carrots, grape tomatoes, and grapes) and had our investigation for dessert.  They had a great time melting the ice and eating everything as it melted.

Carrots & Grapes Ready to Be Eaten


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