Saturday, November 28, 2009

Advent Calendar Giving Actitives

Advent Stockings

My husband and I have three goals for our children, to raise them to be healthy in spirit, healthy in body and healthy in mind. Usually my blog centers more around the "healthy in body" topic, but today I'll share with you something I am trying this year to help achieve the other two goals; we are going to do advent stockings.

So much of a child's Christmas is about getting that I want to be purposeful about making ours just as much about giving.

Here is the plan. Each day we will do three things. 1) We strung 24 small stocking on the wall. Each day they will pull out a piece of paper that lists an activity that focuses on doing or giving something each day. 2) They will get a small piece of chocolate from their normal advent calendars and 3) We will read one story from the Advent Storybook.

I am really excited about this and thought I would share what we have planned. My children are 2.5 and 4.5 so the activities are centered around those ages. Here is the initial plan:

December 1 - Make Angels to Hang over the Nativity Set
December 2 - Buy 2 Ducks through World Vision
December 3 - Thank a Solider
December 4 - Make a Gingerbread House
December 5 - Gingerbread Puppets @ the DIA
December 6 - Purchase Gifts for Little Boy from our Church Ministry
December 7 - Make Christmas Card for Maltese Family and Send it.
December 8 - Make Banana Bread for Church Staff
December 9 - Deliver Banana Bread to Church Staffers
December 10 - Give Money to Salvation Army Bell Ringers
December 11 - Make Cookies for Neighbors & Sunday School Teachers
December 12 - Bring Blanket to Whole Foods
December 13 - Wrap and Bring in Present for Boy from Church Ministry
December 14 - Bring Baby Bottle to School Christmas Program
December 15 - Deliver Cookies to Neighbors
December 16 - Go to the Store and pick out a gift for daddy
December 17 - Pick out a gift for each other and make a card
December 18 - Donate Food To Rochester Area Neighborhood House
December 19 - Write Thank You Notes to Sunday School Teachers
December 20 - Deliver Thank You Notes & Cookies to Sunday School Teachers
December 21 - Get Our Dog a Christmas Gift
December 22 - Go Downtown to See The Big Bright Light Show & Have Pizza for Dinner
December 23 - Paint a Christmas Ornament
December 24 - Make Grandma & Grandpa their Christmas cards. Help wrap the presents.

So that is the plan. As you can tell, many of the things we are doing are specific to Metro Detroit, but you could easily substitute local activities specific to your location.


Nicole said...

Wonderful! We are also trying to teach the children to have a heart for service and giving to others. Its nice to read your ideas!

TARA said...

This is awesome! It's so important to remind kids that Christmas is not just about getting lots of gifts, but spreading the Christmas spirit. Thanks for posting this; I'll be using it in a few years! :-)

Marj said...

I did post yesterday--and it showed on the page for me...who knows what happened!
You and Leonard have been so great at "bringing up the children" with wonderful goals (about looking out for others). It's amazing what they remember!
Keep it could win "Mom & Dad" of the Year.

MaltaMom said...

Thanks Grandma :-)

Becca said...

I LOVE this and hope to do it next year!

adrian said...

these are great - thanks for sharing

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