Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 19 Maple Creek Farm CSA 2009 - October 21, 2009

Here is what we got this week and how I plan to use it:

Long Island Cheese-heirloom pumpkin - Pumpkin Pie...what else?
Mixed Greens - Salads
Chinese Cabbage - Salads
Apples - Snacks through the week
Acorn Squash - Found this recipe from Alton brown for Squash Soup.
Leeks - Cooking through the week
Onions - Cooking through the week


Holly said...

Hey, just wanted to give you a rutabaga tip. If the ground was frozen after they harvested the rutabaga it will have a delicious sweet taste. Judgeing by your sweet puree, it probably means it's good to go. Peel your rutabagas, cut into bite size pieces (or bigger if you're in more of a hurry) and bake the chunks with a bit of olive oil and salt for about 40 min until they are tender. You won't regret it. YUM! Oh speaking of yum, can't wait to try the frittata pizza, it looks incredible!

MaltaMom said...

Holly, that is good to know. I think I will try to roast it next time.

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