Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week 12 Summary and Review

Here is how I used last week's share:

2 Watermelons - Served for Leonard's 10 Years in the Mitten family get-together.
Tomatoes - Made a quiche and put one in it. I used the other one to make some Bruchetta for us for lunch one day. Walked over to the Give Thanks Bakery to get a fresh baguette to go with it.
Corn - Served over 2 dinners.
Onions - Store for cooking
Beets - I roasted them and frozen them for use during winter
Mini Tomatoes - my daughter ate 1/2 the package while I was cooking dinner, l used the 4 that were left in the aforementioned bruchetta.
Cabbage - Coleslaw
Green Pepper - Still haven't used them, making stuffed peppers tomorrow night.
Beet Greens - Ahhhh!!! What am I going to do with these things? HELP!
Squash - Still need to use them up. Might prepare them for freezing for winter.


Anonymous said...

WE love beet greens. Cook them like you would spinach with butter and salt.

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