Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Week 11 Summary and Review

Spinach - Made this recipe from Whole Foods. It is fantastic and worthy of any high-end restaurant. It was really good. I used Turkey Sausage instead of pork.
Lettuce - Had my parents over and made a salad to go with our pasta.
Tomatoes - Put it in the salad and have one left.
Pepper - Still waiting for some inspiration... not quite sure, maybe a salad
Onions - Store for cooking
Melon - Dessert for when my parents come over. This was the first thing we tasted all season that wasn't that good. It wasn't bad, just bland.
Zucchini - Soup tomorrow.
Corn - We had it over the course of 2 dinners.
Potatoes - Store for cooking.
Cabbage - Made a coleslaw and brought to a party.


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