Thursday, September 24, 2009

Late Summer Peach Torte

Late Summer Peach Torte Uncooked

One of my favorite blogs is Bakers Banter by King Arthur Flour.  First, if you've never tried their flour, you should; you WILL notice a difference in the way things turn out.  Anyway, they posted a recipe this week for Late Summer Berry Torte, a seemingly very popular recipe that has been around for years.

Now you may be wondering why didn't you use berries?  Well, for the past week every time I opened my fridge four little peaches that were beyond eating, but still good for baking, were calling out to me, asking "what are you going to do with us?" This recipe seemed like a good chance to shut them up answer that question.

So I made the cake, my two-year-old put the sliced peaches on top and 30 minutes later, we had a very good peach cake for a morning snack.  The kids liked it, I liked it, we even hopped in the car and delivered some to the hubby at work, and he liked it.  This was excellent and I think it could really be used with any fruit you have on hand.

Here is the link to the recipe for all who want to give it a try: Late Summer Berry Torte

Late Summer Peach Torte

Above is not a very good picture....but you get the point.


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