Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Week 14 Summary and Review

Here is how I used what we got last week:

Apples - Ate for snacks for the week.
Tomatoes - the kids ate them for dinner
Potatoes - Made some potato soup
Purple "Green" Beans - Still need to blanch, freeze and save for winter..
Beets - Roasted them and froze them for winter
Cabbage - Make the Cabbage soup pictured above. Added some white beans - very good. The kids aren't super big on cabbage soup, so I made them some whole wheat biscuits to go with them. Not the healthiest of alternatives, but it is a nice treat for them every once and awhile.
Peppers - Still saving. Think I will slice them and freeze for use in salsa for winter.
Purple Onions - used for cooking
Mustard Greens - I will blanch them and try using in what is turning into my "choose a green lasagna recipe".


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