Friday, September 25, 2009

Broccoli Pasta Ingredients

Broccoli Pasta Ingredients, originally uploaded by HiMalta.

Several Times Throughout the share season, I've mentioned that I am going to make Broccoli and Pasta. This dish is a real winner in our house. Everyone REALLY likes it, it is really fast, and I almost always have the ingredients on hand when dinnertime strikes.

So here is what I do (the remaining pictures are from a different batch, the orecchiette is really the best pasta to make it with, but any pasta will do.)

1. Do the Math. The broccoli and pasta are going to be cooking in the same pot. The broccoli needs 8 minutes. So take whatever your pasta package tell you, minus 8 and cook it for that long. Set a buzzer, you'll be busy doing other things.

2. Get the water boiling, drop in your pasta.

3. Cut the broccoli up (I show one head here, but you can really do it to taste.  I usually do 2, but sometimes even three), slicing it into bite sized pieces - use the stems too!

4. When your buzzer goes off, drop in your cut-up broccoli,. Set your timer again for 8 minutes.

5. While the pasta and broccoli are finishing up cooking, open the anchovies. Take 1/2 of them out and chop them up really fine. Chop up 2-4 cloves of garlic.

6. When the pasta finishes, drain it. Put the pan back on the stove. Pour enough olive oil in the pan to cover the bottom. Drop in your chopped garlic and anchovies, and add a few shakes of the hot pepper flakes.  Saute them until the garlic just begin to brown.  Remove from the heat, throw the pasta back in, add some salt.

7. Plate it up and add some fresh Parmigiano Reggiano and fresh pepper.  [KID VERSION: Don't put their pasta back in the anchovy mix.  Put it right on their plates add some butter and parmigiano and they are good to go.


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