Wednesday, September 02, 2009

10 Years in the Mitten

10 Years ago this week, my husband moved to Michigan from Malta.

To celebrate we are having a little party with the family. Since we are, in a way, celebrating Michigan and the opportunities it presented, we made it a Made in Michigan party. Everything I'm making and other people are bringing are going to be Michigan products.

Here is what I have on the menu so far (it is still a work in progress)

  • Michigan Wine (plan on hitting up Whole Foods to get some Michigan wine recommendations)
  • Michigan Beer (same Whole Foods Plan)
  • Faygo (pop makes an entrance about once a year at our house, I guess this will be it)

Appetizer Snacks:
  • Michigan Apples with Carmel Dipping Sauce (I'll make it from Morley caramels)
  • Better Made Potato Chips (see note about pop, same applies here)
I think I need another side dish for dinner. I thought about corn, but that is kind of hard to cook and have ready all at once for a bigger crowd. Leaning toward potato salad because I have a lot of those left from the last couple of weeks of the share.


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