Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week 9 Summary and Review

Here is how I used last week's share:

Onions - used for cooking (put some on the BBQ with our turkey burgers, they turned out nice)
Tomatoes - Cut them up for the salad.
Zucchini - Made Soup and we ate it all, I had been hoping to have some to freeze.
Cucumbers - made a salad and used through the week to make one of my FAVORITE sandwiches, Brie with sliced cucumbers.
Green Peppers - Made 2 tomato salads last week.
Basil - made a quick no pine nut (didn't have them) pesto.
Lettuce - Salad with the family
Radishes - despite some good suggestions from friends on facebook, I gave them to our babysitter who likes them.
Potatoes - Make the zucchini soup, have some left for cooking use in the future.
Green Beans - Have a few left, but used most of them when we had salmon.


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