Thursday, August 13, 2009

Week 8 Summary and Review

Broccoli Pasta Salad

Last week we got:

Cabbage (2 white) - Use 1/2 to make a cabbage salad, still have 1 1/2 left.
Onions - Used them all up through weekly cooking
Squash - Yikes! I forgot to BBQ it.
Potatoes - Make a chicken roast and used most of them up that way. I still have a few.
Radishes - They are waiting to be used.
Broccoli - Made the pasta salad pictured above. Got the idea from a Whole Foods recipe, but that had feta in it, and I used mozzarela because it is a little more kid-friendly.
Cucumbers - Sliced it up into matchsticks and gave it to the kids for dinner.

As you can tell, I still have a lot left. I had a lazy cooking week, just didn't feel like doing it. Not sure why, but I guess we all have them.


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