Friday, August 07, 2009

Week 7 Summary & Review

Last week we got:

Lettuce - Made some Salads.
Red Onions - Cooked with them through the week
Summer Squash - BBQ them two times. Brought them once to a BBQ, and did them once at home.
Cucumbers - Brought to a family BBQ for salads.
Cabbages - 1/2 of the white one went in this recipe for Ribollita. Used the other 1/2 and 1/2 of the red for a salad (salt, pepper, chopped almonds, rice vinegar, juice of one lemon, and sesame oil)
Basil - Made a vinegarette to dress a salad of Arugula I got from the farmer's market and the rest in the Ribollita.
Beans - Yikes! Still in my fridge. Hope I didn't loose them. Need to blanch them and throw them in the freezer for use later on.


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