Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 10 Summary and Review

Here is what we got week 10 and how I have used it:

Lettuce - Made a salad
Tomatoes - Used them to make a tomato salad
Green Pepper - Still in the fridge
Onions - used for cooking, still have some left.
Squash - My BBQ broke, so I used my cast iron skillet to slice them and fry them in some olive oil. Then I cut them up and put in the broccoli pasta salad.
Corn on the Cob - Had it for dinner Wednesday & Friday nights.
Potatoes - Save for cooking use.
Green Beans - blached and froze them. Green Beans aren't my favorite, but they'll come in handy during winter when I can pull them out of the freezer.
Broccoli - Made a pasta salad out of it.


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