Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 7 Maple Creek Farm CSA 2009 - July 29, 2009

What we got this week and how I plan to use it:

Lettuce - Salads as usual :-)
Red Onions - Probably will slice and put with the lettuce and some bean salads
Summer Squash - BBQ, yum!
Cucumbers - Put in those salads or cut into sticks for snacks for the kids
Cabbages - Not quite sure yet. They store for awhile, so I might save them.
Basil - In those bean salads
Beans - We're having Salmon tomorrow. I'll use them as a side dish.


Marj said...

Julie, the salad combo below is just beautiful...and so appetizing looking. Looking for that Broccoli-Pasta combo (with the anchovies in it???) also.
This weeks's combination is especially inviting looking. BTW, stuffed Cabbage is wonderful :-)

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