Thursday, July 23, 2009

Week 6 Maple Creek Farm CSA 2009 - July 22

This week we got:

Cabbage: Maybe Some Soup? Maybe some Stuffed Cabbage leaves in the Slow Cooker.
Summer Squash: Grilled 2 of them today, will do the same to the other 2 tomorrow.
Lettuce: It is washed and ready to be eaten as a salad. I bought some feta cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries, and pecans to go with it.
Beets: Probably the Beet Risotto again. We just got back from vacation, I'm still recovering and I don't feel like trying something new when the risotto was so good.
Broccoli: Broccoli & Pasta. Never made it last week, will use for a quick dinner on Saturday.
Bunching Onions: I cut them all up and will use them throughout the week in salads, cooking, etc.


iasmindecordoba said...

I'm jealous you've been getting beats. We've not gotten any yet. They sure do look good though.

Holly said...

I stummbled upon your lovely blog when I typed "what to make for dinner" into google, goody! Now I'm in love! Thanks so much for all of your wonderful ideas, this is exactly what I needed! I live in Canada, so the season is a bit behind, but your ideas are still helpful. We had a horrible spring for gardening so everything is late this year. The only thing we're eating from our garden is lettuce and herbs:-( The farmers market has tons of stuff ready though, I don't know how they do it!!!
Well that's enough babbling for now. Consider me a devoted reader from now on! See you!

MaltaMom said...

Thanks Holly, Glad to hear that you enjoy the blog!

iasmindecordoba - so glad you commented, I was looking everywhere for the link to your blog but couldn't find it. I used your technique for cooking the kale for my kale lasagna, but couldn't find the link to give you credit!

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