Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Week 4 Maple Creek Farm CSA 2009

Week 3 Maple Creek Farm CSA 2009

What is in our share this week:
  • Arugula - My FAVORITE. I'll be adding some tomatoes, some thinly slicked Grana Padano, olive oil, Balsamic vinegar and a little S&P. Delicious!!! You really have to smell this stuff.
  • Vitamin Green - The email we got said it was part of the Asian greens family. I'll have to look something up for this one.
  • Music Garlic - As needed through the weeks
  • Kohlrabi - never tried this, looking forward to it. I might just slice it up.
  • Squash - I'll put them in a little olive oil and saute them with the garlic as a side dish
  • Beets - Need to find a use for the beets and greens as this is NOT something I usually cook with, although if I remember correctly, my husband likes them.
btw...I pick these up at lunch time while I am at work, but bring them back up to my office so they don't go 'yuck' in the hot car. I wish you could smell my office, because as soon as you walk it the smell of fresh produce hits your nose. I GUARANTEE that the same veggies bought from the store wouldn't smell this good!


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie - Beets are good shredded raw on salads...I wear rubber gloves and shred them in the sink onto waxed paper. Their greens are good cooked too if you like "greens."


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