Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Free Learning Resources

I've been following loribourne for sometime on Twitter. She runs a website called Montessori for Everyone I never really clicked through to see what her site offered, until I went to the local Montessori school for a tour when deciding on preschools for my son. I discovered two things on that tour. First, that the Montessori method is a great way of teaching and second, that there was no way I could afford to send my son there.

We chose another preschool that I am very happy with but I still wanted a way to introduce my son to the Montessori way of learning because my son always counts 1, 2, 3, 9 - somehow the 4 always trips him up. So I found the free math Montessori downloads section of her website and got the "Cards and Counters Template." It is a super great resouce and has helped him alot. I put the tracing pages in a page protector sheet so he can use a dry erase marker and do it over and over again without wasting paper.

I haven't bought any of her paid downloads, but I plan to in the future, there are so many resources that I can't wait to use to help suplement my son's learning.


montessori_lori said...

Hi, Julie! Thanks so much for the mention. You are right, Montessori is awesome but expensive. It's quite a dilemma for parents, unfortunately.

I'm so glad your son has benefited from the cards & counters. I love to hear that - it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

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