Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rochester Arts & Apples

On Friday my husband had a late meeting, so at the last minute I packed the kids up and headed downtown to the arts and apples festival at Rochester Municipal Park. We had a BLAST.

There was a kid's section that had free crafts and music for the kids. Because we were there on the first day and the clouds were looking kind of threatening, there were no lines at any of the activity tents. The weather was also cool enough that we didn't get too hot. I had only planned on going for an hour, but we were having so much fun, we were still there at 6:30 when my husband's meeting ended so he came and met us. After he met us, we walked around a little more and then went to watch Deborah's Stage Door perform. I was impressed by how good they were, but the conservative mother in me wouldn't want my daughter prancing around in those postage stamps costumes, but maybe I am just a prude.


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