Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Losing Nap Time

My 2-year-old has started trying to avoid his nap times. Today I put him down for his nap at 1:15 and he didn't fall asleep until 2:30. When he did fall asleep he slept until 4:15, so he needs the nap, but I don't understand why it is taking him so long to fall asleep. Today he was calling me saying "I awake, please come get me." I didn't get him because I knew he was tired, I just told him to lay down and rest. I don't know what I am going to do if he stops taking a nap. I think I might just make an afternoon quiet time where he has to play by himself and I do my own thing. I need his nap time so I can get things done around the house.


JDPVIT said...

hi julie it is aunt jill and nick how cute, I can just hear him saying that about coming to get him.

(\ /) <-- bunny!!!!!
( ^ )
Julie I had no idea Nick was so talented.:-)

<>< <>< <>< fish ><> ><> ><> ><>
He must have learned this in his new typing class.


We found you off of your sisters website. Bye :-)

Anne said...

Right when I got my older kids in school full-time, my then-two-year-old stopped taking naps. I couldn't do anything to make him fall asleep. Finally I had to settle on an hour of quiet time in his room. He's 18 now and still hates naps - said they make him feel queasy and groggy when he wakes up. Anyway, a quiet time and an early bedtime at least help compensate!

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