Sunday, July 02, 2006

Start a Book Club

I don't know how, but a few months ago I got the idea to start a book club with some friends that I was just getting to know from church. I wanted to start it because I had been reading the Zion Chronicles series that I was really enjoying (This is a GREAT series of books that I highly recommend - they are historical fiction based on the founding of Israel). I found myself longing to talk to someone about all that was happening in the books. I tried talking to my husband when one of the charters died and I was upset, he tried to pretend like he cared, but I could tell from his blank look that he was just being nice. Anyway, this author has another series of books called the Zion Covenant that I wanted to read, so I decided to see if my friends were interested in reading them with me so we could discuss the books.

Well, the book club has been a smashing success. It is such a great way to connect with my friends. What is great about it is, these friends don't have kids. As most moms know, sometimes once you have kids your relationships with friends who don't have kids suffer a bit just because of different finances, schedules, etc. We always have a great time. Our husbands were all calling our cell phones after the first meeting because it was 12:30Am and none of us were home yet. They didn't know that we could talk so long ;-)

If you like reading I would recommend these books as a starter if you want to start a book club of your own. They have drama and romance. Ohh - and I don't have time to read, so I always check the audio version out of the library or buy the MP3 version of the audio book (only like $15 on Amazon) and listen to the books while I am cooking or driving.

Maybe you don't read, but think of an activity that you and friends can get together and do over some food and conversation and I think you will have a blast. You could start a movie club, cooking club, knitting club, or sewing circle. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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