Friday, July 07, 2006

2 Poems

Here are two poems I wrote shortly after my son was born. He turned one on Tuesday, the 4th of July. I can't believe it.

Matthew's Poem
You were given to us on the fourth of July
Our gift from God above

You’re beautiful your daddy cried As he hugged your mommy tight
We looked at you and couldn’t believe the miracle we held
A perfect boy with life ahead so brilliant and so bright

Now I have a prayer for you I’d like to share today
I pray to God and Jesus his Son
John 3:16 becomes your prayer
So you live out his promise for you in Romans 8:28

I pray for us your parents
For wisdom, patience, love
So in all we do we nurture you to lead you as you grow

I pray for all your teachers
To guide your precious soul
So that all your learning guides you with your serving

I pray for you and your friends
To always be a support
So that you will love each other and laugh along the way

I pray that God prepare a wife
To build a family with you
So you can learn the joy we felt when we first saw you

I pray that when the trials come
To test you on your way
You look to God and say to him “please show me the way today”

I pray these things for you each and every day
So when you meet your Savior in heaven
he says these words to you
“Well done my good and faithful servant.
You’ve run an amazing race
Here’s the place I made for you I am so proud of you” Amen

There’s a new boy in town
His name is Matthew M.

He smiles, giggles, coos, and talks
All about his day

His hair is brown and fuzzy
It really quite a spike

His tummy’s round and full of life
To keep him warm at night

His eyes are full of joyous song
That look right to your heart

This Matthew M is quite a boy
He gives us so much joy


Jill Urbane, The Mentor Mom said...

Touching! Your love for you son is obvious...he is fortunate to have you. I'm a Michigan mom as well and came across your blog while working on mine ( I love your ideas for homemade toys. We spend far too much money on toys when our kids would rather play with a box (and learn more from it). Keep up the good work and I'll send more Michigan moms your way!

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